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Pricing And What's Included

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Per 'slot'  (see 'Terms Of Business') you can expect a variable number of models as follows:


3mm: 50-70 infantry equivalents


6mm:  40-50 infantry equivalents (in general 45 is standard)  and 15  for vehicles


15mm/18mm : 12-18 infantry equivalents (14  is a reasonable  rule of thumb)


28mm Historical: 4-6 infantry equivalents


28mm Character figures: 2-3 human sized infantry per slot


For ships and aircraft, it's a bit trickier as they vary somewhat wildly, but in 1/300, you'll get around 5 aircraft.


All construction and preparation is 'on the clock'


The lower figures above take into account complex or irregular models such as Napoleonics, Landsknechts, Samurai, Picts, Celts and the like, or simply armies with a lot of poses, which slows down the painting process.


All of my current clients have regular monthly slots, so that they can budget and reduce their lead pile in a manageable way.I


You are responsible for all shipping costs, and I would suggest that if you have large units or armies, you have them shipped at the same time.


Whilst this means you can be waiting for the complete army, it means that  basing and colour matching is more accurate, as even two 'standard' post of the same colour can vary when put next to each other.


It also means that you can save considerably on shipping as I will try to maximise the amount of figures in the weight range when I package them.


Basing is included on custom cut 2mm MDF, with either rounded or sharp corners. I can acomodate other basing such as magnetic coated MDF, magnets, flight stands, but you must provide those.


Flags are not included, but if you supply them, I will gladly fit them. The same applies to decals.


I also offer a basing service which can be found via the link below.




Please e-mal me if you have further questions or require clarification on any point.