Conflict In Colour

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An established client-focussed bespoke painting service for discerning collectors or manufacturers of miniature figures.


With over 20 first and second places in major competitions since 1981, you can be certain of the highest standards of work coupled with the use of the very best professional artist grade materials available.


Conflict In Colour is a full-time business and not something done for a few hours per week in front of the T.V, or farmed out to mercenary brushes. With the same artist painting all of your models, you can be sure of quality, consistency and accountability with integrity. 


Monthly accounts are available for those long term projects and large collections. Since 2012, all of my clients have been on regular monthly accounts, and many of my current accounts have been with me since the very start.


No gimmicks, no 'fast fixes', no compromises.




Traditional miniature painting for the discerning client

'Quality, Consistency & Integrity'

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