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1. I accept work and therefore charge by the 'slot'. A slot is generally an 8 hour day of painting and costs £55 as of June 1st 2022. Please refer to the 'Tariffs' section for more details. Please contact me to find out how I handle payments over a period of 12 months, to accommodate my own holidays.


2. Although I paint for a living, I would rather paint something that I will find stimulating. If I have too much of a single period currently underway, it is possible that I will politely decline. Likewise, although I can literally work miracles on even the oldest models, I won't accept something that I do not feel I can give 100% to. However, ASK FIRST as it may just be that I have watched or read something that makes me want to paint 1000's of the same thing.


3. Sending figures overseas is not a problem, but please consider taking my advice on shipping them to you. I want you to receive your models in perfect condition, and at reasonable cost. But, if you are going to insist that they are sent by economy mail then seriously think about whether you really want to pay to have your models lavishly painted in the first place.  I ensure that all orders are exceedingly well packaged, but a careless postal worker can defeat the strongest packaging.


4. Sending figures from overseas. Please consider ordering from a U.K supplier and having them shipped directly to me as it saves considerable amounts in terms of customs and shipping which are all charged to the client.


5. If you have any specific requirements or reference material that you wish me to use, please advise me in advance and furnish me with working copies. Otherwise I will use the best information available to me at the time. Note that I am a very experienced painter and gamer,so you are in safe hands! Information and communication are the foundations of a sound working relationship.


6. Estimated delivery times are just that - estimates. Sometimes work can be completed sooner or later depending on unforeseen factors such as humidity or the pose of a particular model.


7. Jobs are only considered to be in the queue when figures and payment are received. If you miss a monthly payment, I reserve the right to terminante the commission with immediate effect.


8. Don't ask me to 'bump' another client, to fit your order in. It will not happen!


9. Payment is monthly and 'current'. Rest assured, if you are an account client your work will be done, and so, I expect in return that you meet your own obligations. Payment can be by bank transfer or Paypal. I no longer accept payment by cheque.


10. You are responsible for all shipping costs, and I would suggest that if you have large units or armies, you have them shipped at the same time.


11. Either party may terminate a commission with one month's notice with the exception of clause 7 above. IF YOU ARE HAVING FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE GET IN TOUCH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE .







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